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You Bundle Personal Services – Why Don't You Business Services?

You Bundle Personal Services – Why Don't You Business Services?

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It seems anywhere I go, I see-the tv advertisements for bundling the home cable of yours, web and phone services. The advantages they offer are lower costs, one month invoice (instead of three) for anything along with one point of touch for all the services questions of yours. Makes sense to me and surely millions of others.

This basic concept of saving folks money and time is the thing that Employee Leasing/PEO services offer business people. Think about it most companies possibly do the own payroll of theirs, utilize a payroll company or even utilize Business Services. They look for agents for workers’ compensation, other insurances, employee benefits and general liability. Of the entire year they’ve questions concerning workers’ comp, health insurance claims and unemployment. They cope with the headaches of quarterly reports, audits, garnishments, W-2’s along with a heap of other concerns such as several bills to review everything with a selection of individuals to play telephone tag with.

When employers bundle these products by having a worker leasing company, they unload all of the hassles of payroll management work, receive workers’ compensation discounts unavailable through standard carriers and obtain large company worker benefit programs. Very best of all the, they’ve point of touch and get a single invoice on payday – for every little thing!

If bundling makes good sense at home, why don’t you explore the advantages of employee leasing services for the business of yours? As companies consistently struggle during these tough financial times, today may be the time period to consider streamlining unproductive management work along with saving on insurance fees. You owe it to yourself and the business enterprise of yours to explore the services of employee leasing. When you are to determine exactly how these services may benefit the business of yours – give us a call.