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Antimicrobial Additive- Much More Of An Excellent Thing?

Antimicrobial Additive- Much More Of An Excellent Thing?

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Antibiotics have long been viewed as a panacea – but could it be feasible to have an excessive amount of of a good idea? Some commentators definitely believe so.

“It is ironic that this modest fungus, hailed as a benefactor of humanity might by its extremely results prove to become a deciding factor in the drop of the existing civilization”, says Dr. John I Pitt, The Genus Penicillin, 1979. (1)

The Soil Association is concerned, saying: “MRSA, the hospital great bug, arose by excessive use of penicillin type medicines in man medicine…it consistently mutate. This’s a doomsday situation and might lead to huge loss of life.” (2)

“Our excessive use of healthcare agents antimicrobiens has reduced the human gut to a burned out minefield, ruining the great men together with the undesirable guys,” points away Dr. Jordan Rubin in The Maker’s Diet. (3)

So is this another case of particular individuals and groups over-dramatising and scaremongering? Or perhaps must we be doing a thing to mitigate the consequences of an excess of antibiotics?

There’s no doubt that antibiotics presently save numerous lives. And so the goal of this particular report isn’t in order to demonise them but to look at the role of theirs (including the overuse of theirs in cases that are most), also to outline a number of important strategies to bring down their potentially harmful effects on the entire body. We are going to examine the coming areas below:

o The internal ecosystem: a fine balance

o A short history of antibiotics o What exactly are antibiotics used for?

o Can they be getting abused?

o Symptoms of an imbalance o Suggestions from Dr. David Holland

(co-author – The Fungus Link)

The inner ecosystem: a fine balance This report is founded on the following important principle: “There is a delicate balance or maybe symbiosis which is present of micro organisms in the body which when changed could result in disease.”